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Big Butt-Brain Development Theory and Black Children



For the past couple weeks, I’ve been seeing articles discussing the correlation between waist-hip ratio, and the intelligence women and the children they bear. According to the scientists at the Universities of Pittsburgh & California at Santa Barbara:

In all the articles I’ve read though, none of them talk about the intelligence of Black people in relation to these findings. Admittedly though, they don’t mention any ethnic group. From Wikipedia to BBC news, they all choose pictures of white women, and I’m here thinking, that according to these statistics and the idea Black woman have the best body ratios on the planet. We should have the most inventors, scientists and doctors. But we don’t. We have billions of people all over the earth failing to solve our most important problems. What gives?

I'll tell you what gives! White folks are systematically working to keep us in submission to them

During his life, Honorebel Dr. Amos Wilson wrote at length on the way that Black people are born to excel in life, but at different developmental points, are made to fail. He talked about three major points that lead to Black people as a whole having a lower level of intelligence.

Prenatal Care
Under stimulation/Abuse in childhood.

Excerpt from Dr. Amos Wilson's work "The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child"[1][2]

During pregnancy, the child is at it’s most vulnerable state, and when Dr Wilson was doing his works, the Crack epidemic was in full swing, and many children were being born with defects due to use of the drug. Those children that didn’t have addicted parents still had the danger of lacking access to proper nutrition and this led to children who could neither cope with the world around them or compete with their peers. While the Crack epidemic is no longer as big an issue as it was then, the lack of access to nutrition still is.

The children who passed through the womb in relative good shape still had two more stages of life to get past before they could develop into strong, competent, constructive adults.

During infancy, a lot of parents have opted to feed their children store bought formula, rather than breast milk. As an educator of children, I’ve seen first hand what that does to their mental development. I found, that formula fed children have a hard time paying attention, taking part in learning exercises and just behaving in class. They constantly have to be refocused and disciplined. That also disrupts the learning environment of those around them. Personal anecdotes aside, studies have shown that breastfed children outperform formula fed children in all fields of academia. Studies have also shown that the brain scans of breastfed children have shown a higher level of development compared to formula fed children (pdf).

Finally, during childhood, the most well taken care of, well developed children have to face life in the racist amerikkkan school system. Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, in his books “Conspiracy to destroy Black Boys” found that in his many years as a counselor in the school system that by the fourth grade, even the highest performing Black students start to fall behind their peers, and he attributed it to the white teachers systematically destroying their natural precociousness and curiosity[3].

All that leads me back to the original point of bottom heavy women raising geniuses. Looking back on history, it makes sense why we could develop such complex civilizations, build massive structures, and traverse the globe thousands of years before anyone else. It also shows why its so important that the oppressors of black people work so hard at every turn to keep us dysfunctional, for if we are left alone long enough, our gifts will shine through. Let us have these facts in mind as we develop ourselves and our families.

For some suggestions on developing Black children, check out my article on that subject.


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25 months ago
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I want my children to be as cerebral as they can be. I don't want them overly concerned with the physical and the physical world around them. I want their minds to grow and create, to be functional and aware, and now I feel more confident that the heritage of my people will instill those positive attributes. Because there's nothing this world does better than insist that black people are mentally inferior, that our cerebral faculties aren't as developed as those who identify as white. It's time we reclaim our birthright.


24 months ago
Score 1
After the fire is destroyed by amerikkkan school system the process does not end there. Throughout the remainder of a black persons life we are constantly reminded to "mind our place" and any deviation from this norm leads to serious repercussions. This conditioning comes in many devious forms. whether its questioning a college professor about a grade,questioning a boss about a particular decision made or worse questioning a law enforcement official about a action they are taking.( Particularly if such questioning is made with a sense of pride).Unless you are a black person who is considered "non threatening" the actions of those I just mentioned could range from failure to assassination.

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