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Cincinnati Current Events


From the Mind of Cadence

Samuel DuBose with his family
Hummons (left), made a haunting call to 911 in which he reported a belligerent young man with a gun, describing himself. Officer Sonny Kim (right) was the first to the scene and was shot
Trepierre Hummons posted this goodbye message to Facebook just minutes before the shooting. His friends and relatives expressed disbelief on his page after hearing about the shootout.

One of the best ways to discern the People from the Police Propaganda is this rhetoric that Cincinnati has some superior form of policing & has this immaculate rapport with the Black Community. Look here, what the City Gov Press is Not Telling or Reminding You is:

  • Officer Ray Tensing was not just some rentacop with no experience... He actually has served as a Police Officer in Racist-Ass Greenhills Village in Cincinnati since 2011. So his Experience and training goes beyond loose booty UC protocol.
  • UC Police are trained & certified by the State of Ohio..Meaning Our Problem is bigger than a Campus Issue. Nice Try Deters!
  • UC Police tazed fully compliant Everette Howard Jr to death not too long ago in August on UC Campus & caused UC policy to change in regards to the use of Tasers.
  • UC Police in Collaboration with CPD has been brutalizing, racially profiling, & systematically in cooperation with Corporate Interests have engaged in the Gentrification of the Surrounding Black Neighborhoods of the Encroaching Campus Area.
  • The City is not in accordance with the "Collaborative Agreement" and haven't been for at least a decade.
  • This City Just Recently got exposed for a case in Police Cover-Up, that involved an Officer who also is being charged with "2921.36 Illegal conveyance of weapons, drugs or other prohibited items onto grounds of detention facility or institution"
  • They have recently (within the last 4 months) been involved in at least 3 questionable officer involved shootings of black men, not to mention warrantless summer sweeping within black neighborhoods to reduce "Crime".
  • During 4th of July wore Riot Gear & Converged on Black Youth making their indirect statements known that their kind were not desired downtown.
  • A Consistent Onslaught of Defamation of Character by the City Gov Controlled Press on Young Black Men & Women by the press to justify any Excessive Force by Police Officers & Other Social Services.
  • City Gov Controlled Press Focusing & Stringing together Incidents in areas that currently are being targeted for Gentrification, while reporting of isolated incidences in White Neighborhoods, while making sure to giving social context to the alleged criminal activity.
  • City Government is so rife with corporatized led agenda they can barely retain leadership within the Police Dept.
  • Local NAACP Leadership & other alleged Black Orgs who claim to represent the Black Community are entangled in Fraud Cases &or in Bed With The Enemy and Fail to Stand on The Real Grievances of Our Community, vs the Pre-Prepared Concessions the City Gov is willing to Hand out including grant money/hush money for those willing collaborators.
  • An Ex Crooked Cincinnati Police Officer who passed anti-black youth policy within the city as a councilman has been elected as Sin-ator of this State.
  • Last month a Black Young Man was so bothered by his potential fate at the hands of The Legal System that he was Willing to Commit Suicide By Cop... And Followed through killing an Officer who had a community known history of Police Brutality. BTW which no Video was ever released under order of the Open Records Clause of the Collaborative Agreement.

I know I might have miss some things but please understand that On top of the Fact this city gov controlled press is Agitating & Inciting for Violent Retaliation on Police & other Corporate Entities that Parasitically Live off the Blood Life of Our People.. but they Have Repeatedly Engaged in Murder, Rapes, Theft, Drug Dealing, & More and Treat Us as Though We are The Criminals & Animals to Be Caged or Hunted Down. They Expect us to Respond Violently Because this Is All They Have EVer Shown Us, Outside the occasional basketball games, cookouts, & car shows... to work their No Snitching Campaigns on their Rampant Criminality eh eh I mean Non-Compliance on their Operating Procedures. Miss Me & Those Others Who Know Better Wit Your Claims of Local Police Morality. You just covering your Assets!!! Please Share With Those Who Don't Know!!! ‪#‎CurrentEvents‬<<< Dont Even Get Me Started on The Last 10-15 Years!!!

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