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Documentary List


1. Coconut Revolution

2. First Earth
3. Loose Change 2nd Edition
4. Food Inc
5. Food Matters
6. Soul Food Junkies
7. MAAFA 21
8. Black Candle

9. The Corporation
10. Voodo Secrets
11. All Power to the People
12. Goodbye Uncle Tom
13. A Class Divided
14. Khalid Muhammad on Donahue
15. Francis Cress Welsing on Donahue
16. Alderman Michael McGhee on Donahue
17. 500 Years later
18. Slave Catchers Slave Resisters
19. Black Wallstreet- Tulsa Oklahoma
20. The Business of Being Born
21. Magical Egypt
22. Ethnic Notions
23. Malcolm X Make It Plain
24. Marcus Garvey Look for Me in the Whirlwind
25. Bastards of the Party
26. AmericanDrug War: The Last White Hope
27. Cocaine Cowboys
28. King Leopold of Belgium
29. Black Hair Documentary
30. The Murder of Fred Hampton
31. Amos Wilson- Black on Black Violence
32. John Henrik Clarke – White Nationalism
33. Dr. Asa G. Hilliard – The Education our Children Deserve
34. Kwame Ture- Using Your Consciousness to Uplift Your People
35. Kwame Ture- Destroy the CIA and FBI
36. Runoko Rashidi- Global African Presence
37. Irritated Genie – Effeminization of the Black Man
38. Irritated Genie – From Heru to Hero,
39. Merira Kwesi- Sisters in the Struggle,
40. Interview with Malcolm X Berkley California
41. Black United Front by Malcolm X,
42. Free Your African Mind by Asa Hilliard
43. Documenting the Black Holocaust by Khalid Muhammad,
45. Marimba Ani – Yurugu,
47. Sistah Soulja –Schools the Masses
48. Dr. Arthur Lewis – Africa’s Resources.
49 Lumumba: The Death of a Prophet
50. Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead
51. 30 Days Raw
52. Cointelpro 101
53. Tupac Resurrection
54. Ile Aiye
56. The Angola 3
57. Psychological Covert War on Hip-Hop by Professor Griff
58. Che Guevara: Investigating a Legend
59. Stories and Proverbs from the Motherland by Kofi Abare Opoku
60. From the Browder File by Anthony Browder
61. Central Park Five
62. Brother Minister: Who Killed Malcolm X
63. Inside Oyotunji
64. Dangers of Vaccinations by Curtis Cost
65. Eyes on the Prize
66. Irritated Genie Genocide I &II
67. Urban Dragons: Black and Latino Masters of Chinese Marital Arts
68. Africa in History by Basil Davidson
69. Nubia by Leonard Jefferies
70. Attack on MOVE
71. How to Survive a Nutrirional Holocaust by Laila Africa
72. Free Angela and all Political Prisoners
73. Dr. Ben and Dr. Asa Hilliard Their Plan For Us
74. Destruction of Black Civilization by Dr Amos Wilson
75. The Choice Between Two Cultures by Oba T'Shaka
76. Master Keys to KMT by Asa Hilliard
77. Egypt and the Moors by Runoko Rashidi

78. Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Ben Africa Past, Present, and Future
79. Khalid Muhammad Debates Two Jews on who Are the Chosen People
80. Khalid Muhammad vs Anthony Hilder
81.The Young Lords
82. Secrets of Dark Matter
83. African Walk
84. Egalite for All: Toussaint L'Overture and Hatian Revolution
85. Santeria Cubana
86. Divine Horseman
87. Black Male and Female Relationships by Amos Wilson
88. Overview of African People's Struggle in the Western Hemisphere by Louis Reyes Rivera
89. The Theory of Self-Reliance Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington
90. African Leaders: Amilcar Cabral and Frantz Fanon
91. Trouble in the Water
92. Zapitista: A Big Noise Film
93. A Place Called Chiapas
94. South of the Border by Oliver Stone
95. 500 Nations
96. The Great Indian Wars 1540-1890
97. Marcus Garvey and the UNIA Lecture by Tony Martin
98. Powernomics Lecture by Claud Anderson
99. Hidden Colors 1 and 2
100. To Black to Strong
101. Johnnie Cochran Story
102. Collegiate Servitude
104. European Holidays and African People by Ishakamusa Barashango
105. Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews by Dr. Khalid Muhammad 106. Teaching Our Children How to Excel in the Classroom by Baruti Kafele
107. The Life and Death of Malcolm X
108. Make It Plain: Malcolm X
109. A Great and Mighty Walk
110. Timbuktu: The History of African Civilization
111. After Shock: Beyond the Civil War
112. Bobby Wright: The Man and His Mission
113. Queens of Ethiopia by Charles Finch
114. Moving from Mis-Education to Education by Asa G. Hilliard
115. Incarceration of the African Mind by Umar Johnson 116. What Happened During Slavery: Lest We Forget

117. European Origins of African Oppressio by Dr. John Henrik Clarke
118. Flow
119. Food Crisis and the Global Grab
120. Namibia, Genocide and the Second Reich
121. Thomas Sankara - The Upright Man
122. The Life and Death of Steve Biko
123. Real Story of Nigeria

124. Battle of Adwa by Haile Gerima
125. Warrior Queen
126. Tracing Che
127. Life and Debt
128. Voices of the Gods
129. Congo: White King, Red rubber, Black Death
130. Kebuka

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