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Interview: Kofi - Creator Of "World-Afropedia"


Kofi and I have been facebook friends for a while now, he's knowledge of current events, Afrikan history, technology, and has also created something very evolutionary with World-Afropedia. We are honored that he took sometime out , to answer some questions for us about World-Afropedia!

1. What's your vision for Afropedia? Well, for World-Afropedia to be a go-to source for people who are trying to get quick information, particularly about black people around the world.

Right now wiki-pedia is that, and I would love to see World-Afropedia be one of the top hits for articles relating to black people. I would also love for it to expand into a , web of different people who discuss topics and research topics together, almost an internet think tank.

We have forums there, blogs, chat rooms, and I would love for those to be popping all the time, 24hrs a day, black people researching and discussing different events.

2. If you could travel 10 years back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell myself take out all the student loans, take out 50,000 and invest it all in bitcoin. Because, if I took out 1,000 back then, I would be a millionaire now. I would also to develop World-Afropedia and invest some of that money into that. I started it in 2011, but if I started it in 2005, that would've been even better. Invest in bitcoin, litcoin, and keep doing what you're doing other wise.

3. Any Researching Tips?

Yes, Cross Reference. Make sure you cross reference, when you find a fact that you like and interested in, don't just take it. Look for other sources that say the same thing. We can find all kind of things on the internet and in books, but if you find only one person saying it, I would look at it with a "side eye." I find too much people on the internet today, posting things that aren't true just, because they aren't cross referencing subjects.

4.Top 3 Most influential books or people that inspired you?

1: Message To The Black man- Was a big inspiration to me, I read it in my younger 20's. One of the first black nationalist type books that I read, kinda directed. I was really into Hon. Elijah Muhammad teachings at that time. So, everything else I did, kinda came from there.

2: Civilization or Barbarism- Read that in my mid-20's, and I'm a historian at heart , and it's an overview of black people's history for the last 6,000 years. And it was really useful to me, and a lot of things you'll find in World Afropedia, started from things I learned in there.

3: Destruction of Black Civilization

Scholars : Dr Diop (and all his books we're inspiring), Dr. Clarke, Hon. Elijah Muhammad ,Dr Chancellor Williams, Dr Jeffries, When I went to city college I took all of Dr. Jeffery's class, every time he gave a class, I was in there, I was a black studies major. The whole environment there in Harlem and city college was great. My Uncle "Understanding" he really put me on to the science when I was a late teenager. He's a five percent , I studied lessons with him for a long time, and that kinda set me on the path for striving for righteousness and developing our people.

If I had to narrow it down to 3, D.r Diop ,Hon. Elijah Muhammad , Dr. Clarke

Books : Message To The Black Man, Civilization of Barbarism, Destruction of Black Civilization

5. What inspired you to create World-Afropedia?

n 2008-2009 in the middle of my college career, I started to get into writing more, reading ,writing and developing black history. I from that you-tube era, where people we're reading and making you-tube videos, we had a nice community going on and I missed that. I started to go on wiki-pedi and build articles, and 1 article I built was about a general in India named, Malik Ambar. He was an Ethiopian that was bought to India and became a leader. Anyway, the people at wiki-pedia had a white image of him, and I know he wasn't white. He was Ethiopian and I changed the picture, and after while it was a big thing at wiki-pedia, in that section at wiki-pedi. In the end, they told me I couldn't have that picture there, and they took the picture down and replaced it with the picture of his grave site. The discussion is still there at wiki-pedi if anyone wants to go to Malik Ambar, And from there, I knew wiki-pedi was run by racist and liars. So, I said I'm going to get out of this and do my own thing, and my wife , who was my girlfriend at the time. I said Im going to build my own, and my wife told me to do it , now. She knew I was quick with stuff like that, so that day, World Afopedia was up. So my wife defiantly inspired me to do it, and the racist at wiki-pedia took a part in that.

6. what do you do you personally want to see Black People create in the technology world?

I want us to create tools that only we can use, that will allow us to free ourselves from this bondage that we're in. I read a book that's important to me called jazzy melanin, about a scientist that studied melanin. He made different applications out of it, and only he because he was a black scientist and in-tuned with himself, he was able to see things. He was able to connect with the spiritual world and build things from melanin, plastics ect, stuff the rest of the world couldn't even think of doing , he patented them, so he become super rich and the government tried to get him because of that. So, i want to see us doing things like that.

I want to see us build a weapon that we can use to protect ourselves from this world around us. An ultraviolet ray gun, that empowers black people and damages others. We don't got to kill everyone one earth but at least we have it as a deterrent from aggressors.

Or a solar panel array that we can plug into our skin to get energy from the sun, so we don't need sleep anymore. We can just plug into that joint for the hour, and we good for the next 8, we don't need sleep, that's what I want to see in the technology world.

In the meantime, I also want to see us start to us technology properly. To many times, we buying these super advanced cell-phones, computers and not doing anything but looking at Facebook all day. All this technology, and all this information out here and we as black people are wasting. It's here and its not always going to be here, and when its not here, we're gong to regret not using it properly.

7.Do you have any other inventions and creations?

Yea I do, I have "Red Ant Society", which is a crowd funding application but I haven't started advertising it yet. I printed out a version of Afropedia, with 200 pages of really important articles, its a hard cover. Still kinda working on that too, but I did print out a copy, just for something to hold.

I made a twitter called The Wave, it's a clone of twitter. You can link, or tweet and it will go to tweet, so you don't even have to go to twitter. I've been working on different was to develop these softwares, so we as black people can separate, and those who don't want to separate can still be apart of it.

I've built different media centers in my house, to make life a little more comfortable. I do a lot of tinkering to have a little fun and control the types of media that comes into my house, but without getting on people's nerves. And I have other plans in my head, a whole lot of things...but a lack of money and time, constraints have kind of stopped me from doing that.

8.Any philosophies that you live by or words of inspiration for your people?

live righteously, and everyone may have their own definition of that word but whatever it is , do it. If your not suppose to be doing something , then don't do it. Because when you do badness, badness comes back to you. when you do good, good comes back to you.

And sure, there is a probability of bad things happening to everyone, but when you do bad and negatively, you attract more negativity to you. Now what's bad? Bad or negativity is, what every it is that you think to yourself in your head, as bad.

Because If I could push a button right now, to wipe all people off this earth, except for black people, I would probably do it. Somebody might call that "bad", but I wouldn't call that bad, I call that the, great good. And I don't think badness would come to me for that, but if it did, then so what, so be it. And don't do good, just to attract good but just because that's the right thing to do.

And that concluded our interview. So connect with Kofi Via World-Afropedia Facebook Page, like share, or comment. Also if you have info to share, or just researching, do you make World-Afropedi your first choice for valuable information.

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