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Massa I Cant Breathe


Everybody putting up they hand to surrender-

that's not a good message to send a killa-
that's the stance he was in, when they shot Mike Brown
Enough surrendering it's time to fight now

Papoose - No Surrender

In the wake of recent events of unrefined, open racism, Black people in America have begun to protest in mass numbers, in an attempt to remedy some of the ills of this society. Similar to other historical mass movements, white people have found an opportunity to snake their way in, co-opt the voice of the movement, and either cash in on the mass attention, or convert it to a mass distraction for their benefit. There are certain things we need to do to keep the attention where it needs to be, and not get confused by their masterful tactics.

Whites are serious about Genocide.

..and they’ve been so since they came out the caves. In the attempt to stop them from destroying us we’ve tried many different avenues. As the Kemetans (1500 BCE -500 CE) we tried to bring them out of barbarity, teaching them language, science and even mating with them. That ended with them running us out of North Africa, and killing countless of our ancestors. As the Moors (711 CE-1451 CE), we tried to mate with, and live with them, teaching them our ways, doing all we could to protect them from themselves. That ended with Columbus sailing the ocean blue. For us to continue doing the same thing over, year after year, generation after generation, centuries and indeed millennium after millennium is nothing short of complete insanity.

As of late, I’ve noticed, its become trendy to put hands in the air while chanting “hands up, don’t shoot”. While I think this may be a smart thing to do (minus the chanting) when accosted by police, to wear a shirt with that slogan does more belittle the movement than anything else. It becomes a fashion move, a stylistic trend, similar to folks wearing Che Guevara t-shirts they bought in some mega store. While decades ago doing something like that might get you labeled a commie or a red, today it means nothing. There’s a real danger in killing the #blacklivesmatter movement quick following ish like that.

Furthermore, to take part in the trend of putting one's hands up, or expressing that you "can't breathe" means that you are taking the stance that crakkas need to be shamed and made to feel bad so that maybe they will let up on their stranglehold of Black people. If history is any example of what to expect in the present, or future, shaming them aint gon’ help. If that’s not enough, surrender shouldn’t be the slogan of a mass movement cuz crakkas don’t recognize the white flag. They’ll just send you smallpox blankets, sending you to the next dimension.

If that’s more reasons are needed to show that that surrender is not an option in the mind of the crakka….

Eric Garner screamed that he couldn't breathe 11 times. How did the police respond? "Nigga of course you can't breathe, I'm choking you to death."

Mike Brown said "stop shooting me, I don't have a gun". How did Wilson respond? "Nigga-demon I'mma shoot you till you dead"

Kimani Gray said "Please don't let me die" how did the enforcement officials respond? "lil nigga die"

Amadou Diallo said don't shoot I'm coming from work. They said "Take these bullets nigga-thug"

Abner Louima begged for mercy, Rodney King Begged, even the Great Ancestor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pleaded with the conscience of the crakka, little did he know that there was no conscience there. How many of our people begged for mercy while getting lynched, thrown into jail, chain gangs, sexual slavery, chattel slavery, etc etc etc etc ad infinitum.

Please stop choking me massa, I cant breathe, please stop shooting me massa, Im dying. We aint gon' make white people change by shaming or making them feel bad. they don't work/think like that.

We need a new tactic, cuz right now we are just playing, and losing badly. Trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is insanity.

This is prime time, live genocide. We've got a front row seat. It's about time to act like we know.

so what now?

I say all that to say this: we are going at this in the wrong way. Marching, weak-ass slogans, crying, none of that is going to do anything. Boycotting is cool, but the rest aint. It is time to step back and look at this thing critically. White people, all around the world follow a similar set of patterns. Its time we follow a code of our own. So, while these new wounds of oppression are still fresh, follow not the trends of those confused family members around us. Begin to move in such a way that can possibly begin to end this egregious system of racism that permeates all the 9 areas of people activity.

Below are several steps Black people should take in the aim of mitigating and eventually ending white supremacy.

1. Don’t Take white people for friends.

2. Don’t sleep with/procreate with white people. (it will be much more difficult for them to coopt and capitalize on our movements if we aren’t chummy with them)
3. KNOW that Enforcement Officials can kill you, and will kill you if they get the slightest opportunity. Yes Sir/No Sir them to deah. (This one is even hard for me.)
4. Find a black person of the opposite gender strive to build a relationship with them & have children.
5. Raise them children to devote their brain power and energy to fixing the possibly biggest problem the world has ever faced.
6. Strive to waste as little time as possible on unconstructive activity. (TV, Fighting, idling, gossiping…)
7. Spend as little time as possible with people who irritate/bring down your vibrations (family & friends who who do too much of #6)
8. Eat healthy & excercize. (The longer we live, the longer we have to correct the state of the world.)

If we pay close attention to 1,2,9 &10, we might be able to see some change sooner rather than later.

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