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Blog:Reddit rejoices over lynched Black man

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Reddit rejoices over lynched Black man

Roosevelt Champion III, 43, was found dead hanging from a tree in Greensboro, Georgia, on Monday by a passerby at about 11am

Today, when doing the rounds on popular news aggregator Reddit, I came across an article about the May 11 (2015) Greensboro Georgia lynching of Roosevelt Champion III, 43. As the agreed upon story goes so far:

As I was going through the comments of one of my favorite Black subreddit, I read the comment that made me chuckle-smh a little.


So true, Alienm00se. So true.

Anywho, the comments were few where I was looking, so I said to myself, “what are white folks saying about this lynching. I scrolled up and clicked ‘other discussions’, and lo and behold,

Another one down? What?


Ohhh its /r/coontown. Lets see what they comments are looking like…

First thing that caught my eye was all the graphics put up around the site


...and I knew what I was dealing with. Unrefined racists, downright pleased with this news.





A forensic autopsy concluded that the manner of death was suicide and the cause of death was hanging, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.


Unrefined white folks publicly denounce racism, while privately bigging it up. Refined white folks publicly and privately denounce racism while making laws that restrict the lives of non-white people.

Larry Wilmore, host of the Nightly Show discusses unrefined racism below.



38 months ago
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It astonishes me how surprised black people are when they read racist post about the loss of black life. People say "oh don't worry they are just the lunatic fringe,they don't represent the way most white people think". To that I say BULLSHIT. this is the way the majority of white people think. The internet has given them the forum to espouse their true beliefs in complete anonymity.

Anonymous user #1

37 months ago
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So,true.Our people has been condition and infiltrated in every way by the Europeans for so long. Yes, I say Europeans or Caucasians because saying white is way to make these devils think they are pure and just and theirs not one pure and just thing about them. However, our own people who is still blind and brainwashed has become one another own worst enemy.They will support these people before they dare to take stand for their own even in the face of such horrific circumstances as the South Carolina Shooting's done by Dylan Roof. Also, they cannot recognized the sword upon the land which is heading straight for those who hasn't awaken but still stubble in the darkness.The government and all the elites will continued to use President Obama to make laws against the people,the Law Enforcement and very soon Nato will use its military power to enforce unbelievable disinfrignements upon the people here America of all races.While those who are to blind and brainwashed to the System of the Beast

will be destroyed.


31 months ago
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The racist posts reveals that people whom classify themselves as "WHITE" ARE eternally dedicated to the practice of the RELIGION OF WHITE SUPREMACY/RACISM...TO BE EXPECTED !
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