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The Afrikan Intellectal Revolution



In the main, theoretical racism is of the nineteenth century origin in America and in Europe, and yet the nineteenth century was a century of the greatest resistance against racism. It was during that century when Africans the world over began to search for a definition of themselves. The high-water mark of the Africans reactions to European racism came in the middle of the nineteenth century in the presence of great Black intellectuals such as Martin R. Delany and Edward Wilmot Blyden. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the great intellectual giant, W.E.B. Dubois took up the fight and ably carried it into the middle of the twentieth century. There is now and international struggle against racism on the part of people of African decent. The struggle has been taken to the world's campuses, where the theoretical basis of racism started. This has helped to create new battlefields and a lot of fear and frustration on the part of white scholarship. Their fear prevents them from recognizing that the removal of the racism that they created is the healthiest thing present-day Black scholarship can contribute to the world.

-John Henrik Clarke

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