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Flag of Tristan da Cunha

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The Flag of Tristan da Cunha

The flag of Tristan da Cunha was adopted on October 20, 2002, in a proclamation made by the Governor of Saint Helena under a Royal Warrant granted by Queen Elizabeth II. Prior to this, as a dependency of Saint Helena, Tristan da Cunha used the flag of Saint Helena for official purposes.

The flag is a blue ensign design, defaced with the coat of arms of Tristan da Cunha — a Tristan longboat above a Naval Crown, with a central shield decorated with four yellow-nosed albatrosses and flanked by two Tristan rock lobsters. Below this is a scroll with the territory's motto, Our faith is our strength.

The designer is the prominent vexillologist Graham Bartram.

af:Vlag van Tristan da Cunha bs:Zastava Tristan da Cunhe de:Flagge Tristan da Cunhas el:Σημαία του Τριστάν ντα Κούνια es:Bandera de Tristán de Acuña eo:Flago de Tristan da Cunha ko:트리스탄다쿠냐 제도의 기 it:Bandiera di Tristan da Cunha he:דגל טריסטן דה קונה lt:Tristano da Kunjos vėliava nl:Vlag van Tristan da Cunha ja:トリスタン・ダ・クーニャの旗 no:Tristan da Cunhas flagg pl:Flaga Tristan da Cunha pt:Bandeira da Ilha de Tristão da Cunha ru:Флаг островов Тристан-да-Кунья sv:Tristan da Cunhas flagga th:ธงชาติตริสตันดากูนยา

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