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Seex Anta Joob

Lua error: Internal error: The interpreter exited with status 127. Seex anta jóob a ngi judd ci 29 tabaski ci 1923 ca Jurbel- dee ci 7 diggi gàmmu ci atum 1986 ca Ndakaaru doonoon ab taariixkat bu di doomi Senegaal. Moo fésal li Afrig, rawati na Afrig gu ñuul gi indi ci xayug àdduna bi. Doonte yenn ci ay yebbeem(thèse), ba tay, am na ñu ko nanguwul rawati na ñenn ci waa Tugal ñi, li ëpp ci li mu bind wér na ñépp.

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Loving Black Family

Today I wanted to discuss a show that used to come on TV and is decent. Decency is rarely seen today. The program is called Roc, and it came on in the early 90's. The show revolves around 4 main people. Roc, a Baltimore sanitation worker, his wife Eleanor, who works in a hospital, his father, and Eleanor's brother. Its nice because it shows a family that loves one another, struggling through Black life in America. They have their ups and downs but it usually ends in some heartwarming uplifting scene. There are times where it the show ends on a depressing note, but that's black life too.

Full Works of Literature

We are working on Archiving all the works of literature that can be used for the upliftment of the Black Family
Julius Nyerere| author of The Arusha Declaration

The Arusha Declaration was made by Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere on 5 February 1967, outlining the principles of Ujamaa (Nyerere's vision of socialism) to develop the nation's economy. The declaration called for an overhaul of the economic system, through African socialism and self-reliance in locally administered villages through a villagization program.

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