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Wabeladio Payi

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Wabeladio Payi
Born (1957-01-15) January 15, 1957 (age 60)
Nkamba, Democratic Republic of Congo
Died Turkey
Citizenship Democratic Republic of Congo
Nationality Congolese
Fields Linguistics, Phonology
Known for Revealing Afikan Writing Script Mandombe

Wabeladio Payi (15 January 1957 – 4 April 2013) born David Wabeladio was a researcher and inventor of the Mandombe, an indigenous Afrikan writing which literally means "for blacks" or "how black" or "what belongs to blacks" in the Kikongo Language. He developed this writing system in 1978 in the province of Bas-Congo. For Congolese researchers. Mandombe is a writing which has its own alphabet based on the numbers 5 and 2, associated with geometric variations.

The development of this writing is the result of a spiritual-intellectual journey that lasted two decades.

Early Life

Wabeladio Payi was born to parents Emmanuel Nsiangani & Vumi Wa Nzambi. His mother had 6 daughters before him. His Grandfather, David Wabeladio was a member of the Kimbanguist Church, and was murdered by the colonial government. Wabeladio's childhood was similar to many children his age. In 1971, then president of the Congo, Mobuto Sese Seko began to implement the Authenticité ideology. This was an attempt to hide the fact that the government was a kleptocratic regime, through pro-African cultural programs.

By the time he was 20, he had graduated from school, learning to be an auto mechanic technician. His goal was to eventually become a train conductor machinist. That same year, he was hired by the Congolese National Transport Agency, a state company based in Kinshasa which operates different mediums of transportation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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