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Afu-Ra-Ka is one of the earliest known names of Africa. It was used particularly by the Khemtnu as an expression of devotion to Their Ancestors and Spiritual Powers, or Netjeru. The suggested belief that the word "Africa" itself stems from an external origin (namely hellenic or latin) is in part credible, but only to the extent that "Africa" is a transliteration of the term Afu-Ra-Ka.

Dualistic Meanings

Although sometimes written conjoined as "Afuraka", the term is actually three separate words, each representing their own symbolic meaning. However, as the Principle of Duality--meaning, All occurrences and actions present in the physical realm of Humans were also present, in higher degrees, in the spiritual realm of the Netjeru--was an important concept of the Shetaut Netjer nu Khemtnu (Ancient Khemtan Secrets about the Divine Self), each term served an important physical and spiritual connotation: Afu denotes "house" or "dwelling place". Ra is the name given to one of most important Netjeru to the Khemtnu. In the physical sense, Ra is associated with the light or life-giving aspect of the daytime Sun. However, the spiritual importance of Ra maintains that He is the first Light or entity to arise from the "Absolute Beginning of Creation". The "Light of Ra" represents the en(Light)enment that brings forth all clarity of Consciousness and Understanding to the Human Mind. Ka is interpreted as the "spirit", or moving force behind the living. It is sometimes referred to as the "double" of the mortal body, containing the reflective qualities of One's personality and the cause behind One's subconscious movement. To the Khemtnu, the mortal body was an extension of the Ka, and, therefore, all of One's physical actions were directed by the Ka. When combined, the interpretation of Afu-Ra-Ka, in essence, means "House of the Spirit of Ra" or "The Dwelling-place of the Spirit of Light", denoting that--in the physical sense--Khemt was the place where the Light of The Sun gave life. However, remaining Conscious of the importance of Duality to the Khemtnu, the spiritual connotation of Afu-Ra-Ka suggest the following:

  • Afu-Ra-Kan--within each Man dwells the en(Light)ened Consciousness that moves him.
  • Afu-Rai-Kait--within each Woman dwells the en(Light)ened Consciousness that moves her.
  • Afu-Ra-Kanu--within All Men dwells the en(Light)ened Consciousness that moves them.
  • Afu-Rait-Kaitnut--within All Women dwells the en(Light)ened Consciouness that moves them.

Therefore, to the Khemtnu, the term Afu-Ra-Ka was a major expression of Their connection and direct relation to the Netjeru. Not only did They view the surrounding world as "The Creation", but They lived by the Wisdom that They Themselves were also "The Creation". This concept was later borrowed by Hermeticists, who state the phrase "As above, so below. As below, so above"[1]; it has also been constituted in the "holy bible", specifically 1Corinithians 3:16 (Know ye not that you are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of the Lord dwelleth in you?).


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