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-Wabeladio Payi, revealer of Mandombe Script

Brain Computer Programing Language (SOS Manual 2of2) Second part of this post


The way a people conceptualize reality around them determines how and if they will be able to tackle the many problems they will inevitably face. If their brain computer is programed, or reprogrammed by another people, everything they do will be in the benefit of the programmer. Do computers undertake anything outside of their programming? The answer is, of course, emphatically, no! Computers do only what their programmer allows.

Several centuries of Chattel enslavement, a century and a half of substandard eurocentric, racist education, and a century of finely tuned, lazer focused racist imagery brought into our brains on the waves of television, radio, films, magazines and books have left us completely unaware of what we as a people are supposed to do. We can’t even focus on how to make our collective lives better, as a large percentage of us can’t even conceive a better life. Many of us see how things are and work to find ways to go with the flow.

The attacks on our bodies and minds have not gone on unchecked. Indeed many Black people have done all they could to mitigate the damage. Because of them who came before and had the bravery to write, sing, talk and imagine of a better world, today we have a foundation upon which to build.

One of the ways that we have historically programmed our brains to do what we perceive as necessary is through images & stories. For a long time were were the only people that could read our stories, and decipher our language. Indeed we were the masters of what was downloaded into our brain computer, and what was uploaded to other computers. That is painfully, no longer the case, so as we grow and develop our responses to White Supremacy, the most devastating system on earth right now, we need to start looking to ways lock our enemies our of our brain, dissallowing them from manipulating our inner programing.

In terms of physical computers, when one is inundated with viruses, malware and adware, the only real option is to format the hard drive(memory of the computer) erasing everything and subsequently reinstalling the operating system (O.S.). Today, most computers run Windows XP/7/8 as their operating system. After formatting and reinstalling the OS, however, the similar things will pop up down the road. The same viruses will find and infect the computer. To fully secure against the malicious forces in the computer world, one has to change the operating system to something that the viruses can’t latch on to. In the computer world that would be a whole different O.S. While dropping windows outright can be frightening, the best way to insulate against the bugs that infest cyberspace would be to drop anything with microsoft in the name. Since 90% of the desktop computers on earth use Microsoft, more than 90% of the viruses, malware and adware are built to work on microsoft.


The O.S. currently running on the brains of Black people should be called Slave OS (SOS) and as SOS is programmed by the adversaries of Black people, much of the media generated by the System (movies, destructive Rap, other forms of destructive music, pornography, etc) behaves as viruses, malware and adware latching on to our minds, and directing us to move and act in the benefit of the system of white supremacy. While Black people have been working on reprograming the O.S. that our minds run on, this information age had afforded an us an opportunity to take massive leaps across the board.

We’re able to share notes, study phenomenon, conduct experiments and philosophize in numbers and in speed never before done. Our adversaries on the other side of the proverbial board are able to do the same so its time to get to work before the plug is pulled, literally.

Below is the radio program I took part in that inspired this post. {{#ev:youtube|l37oF2OAamk}}



67 months ago
Score 4++
Brilliant. I love the metaphor, and it's apt. Our minds are our computers and the OS it functions on is, day in and day out, combating malicious forces like viruses. Our collective minds have unclean processors that are so buggy and slowed down by malware that a surface clean just won't do. It's time to switch operating systems and reboot, and I hope to achieve that before the next generation comes around.
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