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In the last issue of this series, I discussed the need for a Brain Computer reformat. As it stands, the OS(operating system) that controls the brains of Black people is inadequate for functioning in the world today. Matter fact, it was never very functional for us. That being said, a change in operating system is only the first step in freeing ourselves from the vice grip of our oppressive programmers.

In terms of computers, if one changed from Windows OS to, say Mac OS, in the attempt to escape viruses, one would be free and clear of over 90% of the viruses that exist in cyber space. The virus issue may, however, arise in the future, because the same language that is used to write programs on Windows OS, with a little tweaking, can write programs on Mac OS. Concurrently, since Black people in America, and indeed around the world speak the same language, and think in similar images as the Slave OS (SOS) programmer, its high time that we dropped the language and image generator and replaced it with ones that were incompatible to the former. In essence, we need to build a new programing language that our enemies would have to learn in order to continue their mistreatment. That would be more difficult than programing mental viruses in the language and image matrix that they have been using for the last several centuries.

Indo-European languages(english, french, spanish, portuguese, etc) and the latin script are the Programming languages that are using up much of the processing power in our brain computers. It takes so much energy to repel the viruses, adware and malware written in these languages that often times, we are unable to get more important things done. I propose then, that we replace the Indo-European languages, as quick or slowly as possible with languages that we have historically used, and there are thousands out there. From indigenous American languages(Navajo, Cree, Ojibwa, Cherokee, Dakota, Apache,), to Afrikan and other Black languages. Along with the language change, that we do drop the latin script for Mandombe script, a language developed over hundreds of years for the specific purpose of shifting the consciousness of Black people worldwide.

About Mandombe

Imagine folks sharing notes, and secret messages in Mandombe

Mandombe is a script, similar to the other worldly scripts but tailor made to fit the language patterns spoken by Black people around the world. Its written in such a drastically different manner than scripts we are used to, that when it’s learned, a massive shift if thought processes will occur in the minds of the users. The revealer of this script, Wabeladio Payi has said on many occasions, that mass adoption of this script will lead to significant scientific, technological, musical, medical and literary discoveries[1].

In the mid-20th century, Payi received a vision from the creative force of the universe detailing the logistics of Mandombe, He saw the two foundation symbols, Pakundungu and Pelekete on brick walls and over the coming years, the rest of the script evolved from there.

The originator(s) of Mandombe saw a future when Black people were intellectually separated from the rest of the world, in such a way that we were able to develop and control our creations for long enough that they wouldn’t be able to be co-opted and used against us. While we created all the musical forms in the Americas, and Europe, after some decades they were taken and used to enrich others. In the example of Hip-Hop, along with enriching others, it has been used to weaken us mentally and spiritually. Contrast that with the art forms Anime & Manga which have been around for some time in Japan, and the fact that it is still being controled and distributed by the Japanese people. Although it’s sent all around the world, decade after decade, it continues to empower the Japanese. It can be argued, that their control of their intellectual resources comes from their control of their script.

Over here in the Americas, we Black people would do very well to learn and utilize the script. We’ve been developing and using graffiti to send messages since at least the 70s, and as it has been coopted by everyone else, we can still make use of the art form. Imagine sharing information with like minded individuals, planning events, meetings, protests? subversion? sabotage? With the ever evolving language of ebonics combined with the different dialects in different American communities, mixed with Mandombe, the possibilities are limitless.

Currently, Mandombe is still in its infancy. It was proposed to be added to the Universal Character Set (UCS). A database where all the scripts and symbols used by humanity are contained, and made to be renderable on computer screens. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization), which is an organization that works to standardize everything controls the UCS. It is possible that the ISO can manipulate the way Mandombe is rendered to their benefit. It it, however being watched very closely by the scientists and theoreticians that have been developing the script.

Learning Mandombe, and indeed other languages can be a daunting task, and it may take generations, but what's (at most) two or three game changing decades, when we have been fighting the onslaught of barbarians for at least thousands of years?

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