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Chinweizu Ibikwe

Chinweizu is a Nigerian critic, poet, and journalist. Though he has identified himself and is known simply as Chinweizu, he was born Chinweizu Ibekwe at Eluoma in Isuikwuato in the part of Eastern Region that is known today as Abia State, and was educated at Government Secondary School, Afikpo. He later attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for college education. While studying in America, during the civil rights era, Chinweizu became influenced by the philosophy of a black arts movement. He is a staunch Garveyite.


He enrolled for a Ph.D. at the State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo, under the supervision of political scientist Claude E. Welch, Jr.[1] Chinweizu apparently had a disagreement with his dissertation committee and walked away with his manuscript, which he got published as The West and the Rest of Us: White Predators, Black Slavers, and the African Elite by Random House in 1975. He took the book to SUNY, Buffalo, where he demanded, and was promptly awarded, his Ph.D. in 1976, one year after he had published the dissertation. Thus, the publication settled his disagreement with his advisors in his favor.

In Nigeria, he became a literary critic, attacking what he saw as the elitism of some Nigerian authors, particularly Wole Soyinka.


Authored Works


What "Slave Trade"? (Toward An Afrocentric Rectification Of Terms) (2010)

Neo-Garveyism or Continentalism—the Pan-Africanism for the 21st century (2010)

Africa: Nyerere's Last Advice to Black Africa Retreat From Continentalist to Sub-Sahara Pan-Africanism (2009)

Collective Security (2009)

African Unity: The Problem And Its Dimensions (2009)

The African Nation? (2009)

Marcus Garvey And The Black Power Movement: Legacies And Lessons For Contemporary Black Africa (2008)

Black colonialists: The Root of the Trouble with Nigeria (2007)

Black World League I & II (2007)

Garveyism not Continentalism is what Black Africa Needs!! (2007)

ACCRA July 2007 AU Summit DECLARATION (2007)

Unity and Integration of Africa. (2007)

Arabs pile into Darfur to take land 'cleansed' by janjaweed (2007)

The Policies of De-Nubianization in Egypt and Sudan: An Ancient People on the Brink of Extinction (2007)

USAfrica: A Mortal Danger for Black Africans A Black Power Pan-Africanist Viewpoint (2007)

Socialism Or Communalism? (2007)

Lugardism, UN Imperialism and the prospect of African power (2006)

Self-reparation for Afrikan Power: Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness (2006)

Ngugi and Fela - A Salute to two Afrocentrist Culture Warriors (2005)

Ancestral Culture and Modern Survival: The Example of Meiji Japan (2005)

Debt Relief or Treasonable Scam? (2005)

Nija Titanic (2005)

Reconstruction of Nigeria: Four Delusions on our Strategic Horizon (2005)

The Trouble with Africa's Political Development (2005)


Bureaucratic Anarchy Is Dangerous To Your Health, And To Your Future (2005)

Reports from Accra: A Squandering Of Historical Opportunity (2005)

Reparations and the Pan-African War on Genocide (2004)

Can Muslims Peacefully Coexist with Non-Muslim Neighbours? See Sudan, Arabs and Blacks (2004)

Reparations and A New Global Order: A Comparative Overview (1993)

Arab Colonialism Series

Part 1 USAfrica- The Arab agenda (2007)
Part 2 Arab Colonialism since 640AD (2007)
Part 3 The Arab Quest for Lebensraum in Africa (2006)
Part 4 Declarations from Panafstrag Roundtable (2007)
PArt 5 Pan-Africanism vs Pan-Arabism (2007)
Part 6 USofAfrica, NO!!! USofBLACK-Africa, YES (2007)

Nationalist Values And Political Will: The Mental Health Of The Nigerian Elite (1995)

Debt Trap Peonage (1985)

The Chinweizu interview: "It‘s a War for the African mind"

Pan-Africanism Study Project (PASP Series)

PASP *1: ( 05-09-2011)
PASP *2: ( 19-09-2011)
  • Marcus Garvey Legacy
  • Patented Cure for AIDS—1997 US Patent
  • AIDS vaccine patented in 1993, excerpt from the US Patent

Documentary History of Pan-Africanism (in Declarations, Resolutions and Scholar studies)

PASP *3 (28-12-2011)
  • Outline History of Pan-Africanism, 1441-2011- by Chinweizu

A] Pre-OAU African Race/Negro Pan-Africanism 1441-1966

B] Racial Integration, African Continent (Black Africans cum White Arabs) Pan-Africanism, 1958-2011: From Nkrumah’s CIAS to Gadafi’s death

PASP *4: Interstate Pan-Africanism
PASP *5: 6 th PAC (1974) & 7 th PAC (1994)
PASP * 6: official 7 th PAC report
  • 7 th PAC Resolutions-official document
  • Some observations by Chinweizu
PASP * 7: Afrocentrism
  • Kwanzaa Message-2004, by Maulana Karenga
  • The GAC (2002): The Bridgetown Protocol

Issues and Challenges for 21 st century Pan-Africanism to address

PASP * 8: Black Africa’s Arab problem
  • Pan-Africanism and the Arabs- Chinweizu

The CAACBA Papers I, on

  • Arab expansionism and the Afro-Arab borderlands
  • Arab Racism, Colonialism and Enslavement of Blacks
  • Gadafi’s USofAfrica
PASP * 9: Continentalism
  • Whose AU?-An AU under Arab and Western control
  • Pan-Africanism vs. Pan-Arabism by Opoku Agyeman
  • Is Continental Union Government Necessary-Chinweizu
  • Continentalist or Sub-Sahara Pan-Africanism?
  • (DuBois, 7 th PAC & Ekwe-Ekwe on the term “Sub-Sahara Africa”)
  • Nyerere’s Reflections
  • Berlin Conference boundaries and the trapped ethno-nations
  • Ethno-nations and Federalism
  • Ethnicity and National Consciousness–Diop
  • Ethno-Federalism - Ethiopia’s 1994 Constitution
  • Unity fetishism and Black Quislings
PASP * 10: Ethno-colonialism
  • “Under no circumstances should an ethnic group be allowed to monopolize power in a country.”--Diop [GAT p.271]
  • Jellaba-Arab Colonialism in Sudan
  • Garang on Pan-Africanism and Sudan
  • Beydane-Arab Colonialism in Mauritania
  • Mauritania-The other Apartheid –Garba Diallo
  • Mauritania: They live in Slavery-Garba Diallo
  • Fulani Califate colonialism in Nigeria
  • Califate Agenda and Ideology-Chinweizu
PASP * 11: Western Imperialism in 21 st century
  • Neoliberal imperialism and Black Africa
  • The AIDS–bombing of Black Africa and Pan-Africanism’s non-response
  • Black comprador colonialists
  • Elected predators: A Verdict on Multi–party parliamentary democracy-Joe Appiah
PASP # 12: Miscellaneous Issues
  • Rethinking key issues -Chinweizu
  • The new scramble for Africa
  • Industrialization and black power
  • Pan-Africanism and Africa’s invader/settlers (Europeans, Arabs, Indians etc.)
  • Homeland-Diaspora Issues
  • Pan-Africanism and Local/Country struggles (a.k.a Pan-Africanism & Black Nationalism)
  • Quote Malcolm X, 1964 speech to OAU in Cairo
  • Pitfalls of Racial integration Pan-Africanism
  • Pan-Africanism or Pan-Abibimanism?
  • Neo-Garveyism vs. Nkrumahism
PASP # 13: Pan-Africanist Wisdom
  • Pan-Africanist Wisdom, 1791-2009: Selections from Black Liberationist thinkers from Boukman to Biko, edited by Chinweizu
PASP # 14:
  • Black Power Pan-Africanism (BPPA) Manifesto by Chinweizu
  • On Ebola