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Country Benin
DepartmentAtakora Department
 • Total825 km2 (319 sq mi)
 • Total46,660
 • Density57/km2 (150/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Cobly or Kobli is a town, arrondissement and commune in the Atakora Department of north-western Benin.

The commune covers an area of 825 square kilometres and as of 2002 had a population of 46,660 people.[1][2]


The town of Cobly is located 645 kilometres from Cotonou and 106 kilometres from the department capital of Natitingou. [1]Communally it is bounded to the north by Matéri, south by Boukoumbé, west by Togo and east by Tanguiéta.[1]

Administrative divisions

Cobly is subdivided into 4 arrondissements; Cobly, Datori, Kountori and Tapoga. They contain 17 villages and 9 urban districts.[1]


Local woman in Kobli

Most of the population are engaged in agricultural activities followed by trade, transportation and handicrafts. The main crops grown are sorghum, cowpeas, yams and rice.[1]


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