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Condomble Spirituality
Orientation Afrikan Traditional
Geographical areas Brazil
Founder Afrikans
Origin c. 1500AD
Separated from Yoruba Spirituality, Kongo Spirituality

Candomblé is an Afrikan-originated, practiced chiefly in Brazil by the "povo de santo" (people of saint). It originated in west Afrika and was transported to cities of Salvador, the capital of Bahia and Cachoeira, at the time one of the main commercial crossroads for the distribution of products and slave trade to other parts of Bahia state in Brazil. Although Candomblé is practiced primarily in Brazil, it is also practiced in other countries in the Americas, including Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and Mexico, and in Europe in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. It was developed in Brazil with the knowledge of Afrikan Priests that were enslaved and brought to Brazil, together with their mythology, their culture and language, between 1549 and 1888.