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Republic of Mauritius

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The island of Mauritius is divided into 9 districts (capitals in parentheses):

  1. Black River (Bambous)
  2. Flacq (Centre de Flacq)
  3. Grand Port (Rose-Belle)
  4. Moka (Quartier Militaire)
  5. Pamplemousses (Triolet)
  6. Plaines Wilhems (Rose-Hill)
  7. Port Louis (Port Louis)
  8. Rivière du Rempart (Mapou)
  9. Savanne (Souillac)

Three islands or island groups also belonging to Mauritius are dependencies:

  1. Agalega Islands (Vingt Cinq)
  2. Cargados Carajos Shoals (Raphael)
  3. Rodrigues (Port Mathurin)

The following fishing banks fall within the EEZ of Mauritius:

  1. Saya de Malha Bank
  2. Nazareth Bank
  3. Soudan Banks
  4. Hawkins Bank

Other territories claimed by Mauritius:

  1. Chagos Archipelago (from UK)
  2. Tromelin (from France)

The districts are subdivided into municipalities:

Municipalities of Mauritius

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