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Districts of Ghana.

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The Districts of Ghana are second-level administrative subdivisions of Ghana, below the level of region.

The districts of Ghana were re-organized in 1988/1989 in an attempt to decentralize the government and to combat the rampant corruption amongst officials. The reform of the late 1980s subdivided the regions of Ghana into 110 districts, where local district assemblies should deal with the local administration. By 2006, an additional 28 districts were created by splitting some of the original 110, bringing their number up to 138. In February 2008, there were more districts created and some were upgraded to municipal status. This brought the final number to 170 districts in Ghana.[1]

Ashanti Region

Districts of Ashanti.

The Ashanti Region of Ghana contains the following 27 districts. This is made up of 1 Metropolitan, 6 Municipal and 20 Ordinary districts. They are as follows:

Brong Ahafo Region

Districts of Brong Ahafo.

The Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana contains 22 districts. These consist of 7 municipal and 15 ordinary districts as follows:

Central Region

Districts of Central Ghana.

The Central Region of Ghana contains 17 districts. These are made up of 1 metropolitan, 6 municipal and 10 ordinary districts as follows:

Eastern Region

Districts of Eastern Ghana.

The Eastern Region of Ghana contains 21 districts made up of 6 municipal and 15 ordinary districts as follows:

Greater Accra Region

Districts of Greater Accra.

The Greater Accra Region of Ghana contains 10 districts. It has 2 metropolitan and 2 ordinary districts. The remaining 6 are municipal districts as follows:

Northern Region

Districts of Northern Ghana.

The Northern Region of Ghana contains 20 districts. 18 are ordinary districts in addition to 1 municipal and 1 metropolitan districts.:

Upper East Region

Districts of Upper East Ghana.

The Upper East Region of Ghana contains 9 districts made up of 2 municipal and 7 ordinary districts as follows:

Upper West Region

Districts of Upper West Ghana.

The Upper West Region of Ghana contains 9 districts consisting of 1 municipal and 8 ordinary districts as follows:

Volta Region

Districts of Volta.

The Volta Region of Ghana contains 18 districts made up of 3 municipal and 15 ordinary districts as follows:

Western Region

Districts of Western Ghana.

The Western Region of Ghana contains 18 districts made up of 1 metropolitan, 2 municipal and 15 ordinary districts as follows:



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