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The Gambia

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Politics and government of
The Gambia

The Gambia is subdivided into 37 districts. They are listed below, by region. (Regions were known as Divisions until 2007.)[citation needed]


Districts of Banjul

Central River Division

Districts of Central River Division

Lower River Division

Districts of Lower River Division

North Bank Division

Districts of North Bank Division

Upper River Division

Districts of Upper River Division

Western Division

Districts of Western Division


de:Verwaltungsgliederung Gambias es:Organización territorial de Gambia fr:Subdivisions de la Gambie nl:Bestuurlijke indeling van Gambia pt:Subdivisões da Gâmbia ro:Districtele Gambiei ru:Административное деление Гамбии sr:Административна подела Гамбије