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Flag ratio: 2:3

Although the federal period installed a number of flags of metropolitan France, Réunion does not have a separate official flag.

One flag was selected by the Vexillological Association of Réunion in 2003. It depicts the volcano of Fournaise, bedecked by gold sunbeams.

Since June 14, 2008, separatists and nationalists of Reunion also have their flag (green, yellow, red). Green symbolizes the marronage, Yellow symbolizes the working class and especially the Red symbolizes the period of slavery and indentured, struck by a yellow star with five points.

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af:Vlag van Réunion ast:Bandera de Reunión bs:Zastava Reuniona cs:Réunionská vlajka de:Flagge Réunions el:Σημαία της Ρεϊνιόν es:Bandera de Reunión eo:Flago de Reunio fr:Drapeau de La Réunion ko:레위니옹의 기 he:דגל ראוניון lt:Reunjono vėliava nl:Vlag van Réunion no:Réunions flagg pl:Flaga Reunionu pt:Bandeira de Reunião ru:Флаг Реюньона sk:Vlajka Réunionu sh:Zastava Reuniona