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Naval Ensign
Standard of the President.
Standard of Ambassadors.

The national flag of Sierra Leone was officially hoisted on April 27, 1961. According to the national constitution, the flag is a tricolour of green, white and blue and measures six units by nine units.[1] The green stands for the agriculture, mountains and natural resources. The blue stands for the hope that the natural harbour in Freetown will make a contribution to peace in the world. The white stands for unity and justice.


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af:Vlag van Sierra Leone ar:علم سيراليون ast:Bandera de Sierra Lleona be:Сцяг Сьера-Леонэ bs:Zastava Sijera Leonea bg:Национално знаме на Сиера Леоне ca:Bandera de Sierra Leone cs:Vlajka Sierry Leone cy:Baner Sierra Leone da:Sierra Leones flag de:Flagge Sierra Leones el:Σημαία της Σιέρα Λεόνε es:Bandera de Sierra Leona eo:Flago de Siera-Leono fr:Drapeau de la Sierra Leone ko:시에라리온의 국기 hi:सियरा लोन का ध्वज hr:Zastava Sijera Leonea bpy:সিয়েরা লিওনর ফিরালহান id:Bendera Sierra Leone it:Bandiera della Sierra Leone he:דגל סיירה לאונה lv:Sjerraleones karogs lt:Siera Leonės vėliava mk:Знаме на Сиера Леоне ms:Bendera Sierra Leone nl:Vlag van Sierra Leone ja:シエラレオネの国旗 no:Sierra Leones flagg pl:Flaga Sierra Leone pt:Bandeira da Serra Leoa ru:Флаг Сьерра-Леоне simple:Flag of Sierra Leone sk:Vlajka Sierra Leone sr:Застава Сијера Леонеа sh:Zastava Sijera Leonea fi:Sierra Leonen lippu sv:Sierra Leones flagga th:ธงชาติเซียร์ราลีโอน uk:Прапор Сьєрра-Леоне vi:Quốc kỳ Sierra Leone yo:Àsìá ilẹ̀ Siẹrra Léònè zh:塞拉利昂国旗