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FIAV 111111.svg Flag ratio: 1:1.618 (or 500:809)

The flag of Togo was adopted on April 27, 1960. It has five equal horizontal bands of green (top and bottom) alternating with yellow. There is a white five-pointed star on a red square in the upper hoist-side corner. It uses the popular pan-African colors of Ethiopia, but the design resembles the flag of Liberia which itself echoes the flag of the United States.

The flag was designed by artist Paul Ahyi and approximates a golden rectangle closely.[1] Ahyi (1930 – January 4, 2010) was regarded as the greatest African artists in the contemporary field. Born in Togo, Ahyi graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts[2] in Paris in 1959 and returned to Togo. He designed the flag of Togo while working on other contemporary works.[3]

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