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Flag of Zimbabwe.svg
Use State flag and civil ensign State flag, civil ensign IFIS Normal.svg
Proportion 1:2
Adopted April 18, 1980
Design Seven horizontal stripes with white triangle containing red 5 point star with Zimbabwe Bird

The flag of Zimbabwe was adopted on April 18, 1980. The soapstone bird featured on the flag represents a statuette of a bird found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The bird symbolises the history of Zimbabwe; the red star beneath it symbolises the revolutionary struggle for liberation and peace.


Officially, the meanings of the colours on the flag are as follows:

  • Green: the agriculture and rural areas of Zimbabwe
  • Yellow: the wealth of minerals in the country
  • Red: the blood shed during the first and second Chimurenga (wars)
  • Black: the heritage and ethnicity of the native Africans of Zimbabwe
  • White Triangle: peace
  • Zimbabwe Bird: the national symbol of Zimbabwe
  • Red Star: the nation's hopes and aspirations for the future (as well as ZANU-PF's socialist beliefs)

The colours are used on the flag of the ruling ZANU PF party.

The Zimbabwean flag flying in the breeze

Flag of Zimbabwe Rhodesia

Flag of Zimbabwe Rhodesia 1979–1980

Zimbabwe Rhodesia was the largely unrecognised name of Zimbabwe from 1 June 1979 to 18 April 1980, soon after the Internal Settlement in Rhodesia leading to a black majority government. As well as a new name, the state adopted a new flag to mark the transition.

The flag of Zimbabwe Rhodesia was designed by Flight Lieutenant Cedric Herbert of the Rhodesian Air Force and a member of the Rhodesian Heraldry and Genealogy Society. The design incorporated the pan-African colours of yellow, black, green and red with the following explanation:

  • Black: symbolised the achievement of majority rule in the country,
  • Red: was for the struggle for independence,
  • Yellow: represented the mineral wealth,
  • Green: the agricultural and natural resources of the country,
  • The vertical white stripe represented the white community while the central horizontal white stripe represents peace.

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