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Front for the Liberation of the New Afrikan Nation
Purpose"To evolve a united strategy and direction amongst the many New Afrikan nationalist formations."

The Front for the Liberation of the New Afrikan Nation or FROLINAN is a propaganda movement aimed at realizing a revolutionary nationalist theory and plan for American Afrikan community political economic control. Ultimately realizing the ultimate goal of national independence for New Afrikans in the United States. It's an evolution and outgrowth of Herman Ferguson's New Afrikan Liberation Front (NALF)


The ultimate goal of FROLINAN is to bring about national independence for American Afrikans. In order to achieve that, certain changes must be brought about in culture, mentality and ideologies of Afrikans across the nation. To institute that change, FROLINAN will inculcate nationalistic ideals through visual art, music, scholarship, videos.

Visual Art

Generally, searching for images of Afrikan heroes, whether on-line or in life will garner neutral, unflattering results, that is to say if anything is found. For that reason, all visual artists are called upon to use their gift in order to further the culture. As it stands, many Afrikan cultural artists have different goals and aims. It's the aim of FROLINAN to bring many of these ideals into a similar lane such that the ultimate goal of liberation can be achieved.

FROLINAN Visual Art Gallery
Black Nationalism in Digital Art
Revolutionary Propaganda


Music is one of the most common lanes that Afrikans in America strive to be apart of. Once someone "makes it" they are all but guaranteed fame, fortune and notoriety. Music has also historically been extremely valued by Afrikan people. Culturally it is very important. One can share ideas, stories and ideals through this medium. That being the case, Afrikan musicians are probably the most needed of the artists. Some that have been utilized to further the goals of the movement are Aisha Sekhmet, Zaid Malik, Lupe Fiasco, Big Mike, Lil Dee, New Black Order (NBO), Dead Prez, Fela Kuti and many more.

FROLINAN Music Gallery*
Black Nationalism in Auditory Art
  • Some of the videos are not made explicity in relation to FROLINAN but were used fo

r the cause.


For as long as the european world has been growing, european scholars have been using their different institutions to denegrate and spread misinformation about Afrika and her people. See Theory of Ham, Draeptomania, the Bell Curve for some examples of the whitewashing of history. The FROLINAN response to these scholarly attacks on the minds of Afrikans are many programs aimed at Afrikanizing students from elementary school to college. There's a specific program devoted to uniting students groups named The National Alliance of New Afrikan Students (NANAS). There's also the RBG Communiversity which works to educate those Afrikans who aren't being formally educated.

FROLINAN Lecture Gallery*
Informational Black Nationalism