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Kandi Mosque
Kandi Mosque
Country Benin
DepartmentAlibori Department
 • Commune, arrondissement and city3,421 km2 (1,321 sq mi)
 • Commune, arrondissement and city95,206
 • Density28/km2 (72/sq mi)
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Kandi is a town, arrondissement and commune in the Alibori Department of eastern Benin. Originally a market town, Kandi is now primarily a farming centre. It lies on the nation's main north-south highway, 650 km from Cotonou and 325 miles (523 km) north of Porto-Novo.[1] The town is the capital of the department of Alibori. The commune covers an area of 3421 square kilometres and as of 2002 had a population of 95,206 people.[2][3]The town itself had a population of 27,227 in 2002.


Kandi was founded by the Dendi Kingdom, an offshoot of the Songhai Empire. The surrounded villages are Mokole Yoruba, who fled the wars of the foundation of the Oyo Kingdom. The surrounding countryside is Bariba.


The commune of Kandi is located 650 kilometres from Cotonou. Communally it is bounded to the north by Malanville, south by Gogounou , west by Banikoara and to the east with Ségbana.

Administrative divisions

Kandi is subdivided into 10 arrondissements; Kandi I, Kandi II, Kandi III, Angaradébou, Bensékou , Donwari, Kassakou, Saah, Sam and Sonsoro. They contain 39 villages and 9 urban districts.[2]


Most of the population are engaged in agricultural activities followed by trade, transportation and handicrafts. The main crops grown are maize, cotton, kapok, millet and peanuts.[2][1]There are notable iron deposits of high quality in the vicinity.[1]


The town is situated on the RNIE 2 highway and is served by Kandi Airport, which is located north of the main town.[1]


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