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Map highlighting the Littoral Department
Map highlighting the Littoral Department
Country Benin
 • Total79 km2 (31 sq mi)
 • Total701,137
 • Density8,900/km2 (23,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Littoral is one of the twelve departments of Benin, and is divided into 13 arrondissements. It contains just one commune/city, Cotonou, the largest in the country and the economic capital. Littoral is the smallest of the twelve departments. The area is 79 km2 (31 sq mi). Littoral was split from the Atlantique Department in 1999.

Communes of the Littoral department

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bg:Литорал (департамент) de:Littoral (Benin) es:Littoral fr:Littoral (département) it:Dipartimento del Litorale hu:Littoral nl:Littoral (departement) ja:リトラル県 (ベナン) pt:Littoral (Benim) ro:Departamentul Littoral tg:Вилояти Литторал (Бенин) vi:Littoral (tỉnh) yo:Apá Littoral zh:濱海省 (貝寧)