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Did you know ...

Akan drum
  • ... that the British Museum's oldest African-American object is the Akan Drum (pictured) that was used to "dance the slaves"?
  • ... that L. C. Lecesne rose to prominence as an activist against slavery after the government[which?] compensated him for his exile from Jamaica?
  • ...... that despite receiving a budget allocation in 2003, the public sports stadium in Gibeon, Namibia, hadn't been repaired as of December 2007?
  • ... that Kalulu, an African boy who died in 1877, was modeled in Madame Tussauds and attended Dr. Livingstone's funeral in London?
  • ... that Samuel Jackman Prescod became the first person of African descent elected to the Parliament of Barbados? Template:Portal:box-footer
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