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Map of Eritrea

At the time of Independence in 1993 Eritrea was arranged into ten provinces. These provinces were similar to the nine provinces operating during the colonial period. In 1996, these were consolidated into six regions (zobas). The boundaries of these new regions are based on catchment basins.

Critics of this policy contend that the Government of Eritrea was erasing the historical fabric of Eritrea while proponents believe that these new Regional boundaries would ease historical land disputes.[1] Furthermore proponents of this policy argue that basing boundaries on an important natural resource would ease the planning of its use.


Each region has a locally elected regional assembly while the local administrator is appointed by the President of Eritrea. During Cabinet meetings the President also meets with the Regional Administrators who report on the activities of their regions.

The Regional Assemblies are charged with developing a budget for local programs and hearing the concerns of the local populations. Local programs included cultural events, infrastructure such as feeder roads, and to promote afforestation.


Map number Province Postal abbreviation/
ISO code
Other abbreviations Capital
4 Anseba ER-AN ZA Keren
ዞባ ዓንሰባ
منطقة عنسبا
1 Central ER-MA ZM Asmara
ዞባ ማእከል
المنطقة المركزية
3 Gash-Barka ER-GB ZGB Barentu
ዞባ ጋሽ ባርካ
منطقة القاش وبركا
5 Northern Red Sea ER-SK ZNRS, ZSKB Massawa
ዞባ ሰሜናዊ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ
منطقة البحر الأحمر الشمال
2 Southern ER-DU ZD Mendefera
ዞባ ደቡብ
المنطقة الجنوبية
6 Southern Red Sea ER-DK ZSRS, ZDKB Asseb
ዞባ ደቡባዊ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ
منطقة البحر الأحمر الجنوب


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ar:مناطق إرتريا it:Regioni dell'Eritrea he:מחוזות אריתריאה nl:Regio's van Eritrea ja:エリトリアの行政区画 pt:Regiões da Eritreia sv:Eritreas regioner tr:Eritre'deki bölgeler zh:厄立特里亚行政区划