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Black Federalism
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11-2-2020 Islamist Attack on Muidumbe, Mozambique
On weekend of October 31-November 1 [1] Islamists representing themselves as "Al-Shabab" (not to be confused with the group of the same name in Somalia) attacked several villages in the Muidumbe district of north-eastern Mozambique. November 2, 2020 Islamist Attack on Muidumbe, Cabo. . . more
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1970 Augusta Mass Murder
non-Black people: William Fleming Black people: Charles Oatman Events: 1970 Augusta Mass Murder. . . more
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Humans on Kepler22b Discussion of the Science Behind Raised by Wolves
Main Android Character "Mother" holding a fetus. This past month (9/2020) I’ve been immersed watching the worldbuilding that humans are trying to do in the HBO series “Raised By Wolves”. In this series, after a catastrophic war on earth, a small fraction of human’s remnants build a. . . more
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2race theory
Race as a social construct has been recited to Black people countless times in an attempt to quiet those of us who see problems and desire to solve them. Indeed, race is a social construct, but so is any type of delineation that we people have made to label and/or discuss the differences between. . . more
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Life on The Open-Air Plantation Aint Equal
Stop playing like it is. . . more
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5 Things Black People Should Know About The Presidential Election and Democrats 2020
A big topic of conversation in America right now is the presidential election and the democrats running for president. Whether or not the democrats will lose in 2020 is anyone’s guess. One thing that is for sure is that the democrats running will have to appeal to several different groups to. . . more
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Reasons Black People Need an Accurate and Precise Understanding of Race
Black people absolutely do not understand human racial groups. We do not understand why we are constantly on the losing end of interactions with other non-black groups. This goes for all classes of Black people. From professors, to doctors, to conscious lecturers. Ask 10 Black people what a Black. . . more
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The Need to Determine if a Person is Black or Not
Artist's depiction of an image found in an ancient book located in the tomb of Seti 1. Most archaeologists agree that this is a depiction of 4 different groups of humans recognized by the artist at the time. Being able to determine what a thing is, and then classifying it along with other things. . . more
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Handmaids Tale: A Shape of Things to Come
So I've been enthralled in this new show. A tale of an American Christian theocratic government that has, within a few years sent the society back 250 years. Women are outlaws if they read, everyone has to be some type of fanatic christian, death is around the corner for anyone who aint on. . . more
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Understanding Earth Wind and Fires Keep your head to the sky, tell me what you get?
I am prepared however there is a problem whereas now I have to go somewhere else and do it, just look for Earth, Wind & Fire... . . more
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It Was All A Dream
“ "A discovery that is not broadcast throughout humanity has no future. -Wabeladio Payi ” Some time ago, during one of my Mandombe study sessions, I was dreaming during the day and I got to imagining a future where Black youth actively engaging the system that abuses us and I saw. . . more
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Great Thinkers of the 20th Century
Text aqui. . . more
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Interview: Kofi - Creator Of "World-Afropedia"
Kofi and I have been facebook friends for a while now, he's knowledge of current events, Afrikan history, technology, and has also created something very evolutionary with World-Afropedia. We are honored that he took sometime out , to answer some questions for us about World-Afropedia! 1. What's. . . more
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Cincinnati Current Events
From the Mind of Cadence Samuel DuBose with his family Hummons (left), made a haunting call to 911 in which he reported a belligerent young man with a gun, describing himself. Officer Sonny Kim (right) was the first to the scene and was shot Trepierre Hummons posted this goodbye message to. . . more
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Hello world!
hello world. . . more
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Medical Problem
So I was reading how the cop in Madison Wisconsin will not be charged in the death of Tony Robinson. What strikes me as odd and I read this a lot is the comment that seems to show up during each murder of black people, "Urging protesters to remain calm". This response is unhealthy,unnatural.. . . more
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Reddit rejoices over lynched Black man
Roosevelt Champion III, 43, was found dead hanging from a tree in Greensboro, Georgia, on Monday by a passerby at about 11am Today, when doing the rounds on popular news aggregator Reddit, I came across an article about the May 11 (2015) Greensboro Georgia lynching of Roosevelt Champion III, 43.. . . more
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Big Butt-Brain Development Theory and Black Children
“ "Are fat-bottomed girls smarter? Answer: Yes. They also have smarter kids, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California at Santa Barbara (PDF Doc). ” For the past couple weeks, I’ve been seeing articles discussing the correlation. . . more
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The Shape of Things to Come (Future of Tech 1/2)
“ "When the sermon/message. . . more
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Brain Computer Programing (SOS Manual 1of2)
“ "Hidden in a people's scripture are their secrets of development in all fields of knowledge: Art, Music, Science … etc. If today's Chinese, Japanese, Koreans are elevated to a high level of Scientific and Technological expertise, it's thanks to their having an indigenous script. With this. . . more
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Massa I Cant Breathe
Everybody putting up they hand to surrender- that's not a good message to send a killa- that's the stance he was in, when they shot Mike Brown Enough surrendering it's time to fight now Papoose - No Surrender In the wake of recent events of unrefined, open racism, Black people in America have. . . more
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Vegan Bean Pie Recipe
All Praise is Due to Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad!! Happy Ramadan to the Muslims out there! This was the first one I made. It didn't come out as pretty because I didn't have the oven set correctly. Still tasted great though.* I think its pretty The Bean Pie is a highly. . . more
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