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Map of districts, subdistricts and sucos of East Timor
East Timor

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Politics and government of
East Timor

The subdistricts of East Timor are subdivided into 442 sucos and 2,336 towns, villages and hamlets (aldeias). [1]

District Aileu

Sucos of Aileu

District Ainaro

Sucos of Ainaro

District Baucau

Sucos of Baucau

District Bobonaro

Sucos of Bobonaro

District Cova Lima

Sucos of Cova Lima

District Dili

Sucos of Dili

District Ermera

Sucos of Ermera

District Lautém

Sucos of Lautém

District Liquiçá

Sucos of Liquiçá

District Manatuto

Sucos of Manatuto

District Manufahi

Sucos of Manufahi

District Oecussi-Ambeno

Sucos of Oecussi-Ambeno

District Viqueque

Sucos of Viqueque

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