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This template is to help facilitate the displaying of Wikipedia variables and built-in "magicword" (pseudo-template) names, and optionally their :parameters as well. The variable/magicword names are automatically put into all-upper-case.




displays as:


A second parameter can be added; this is the part followed by a colon in some usages:

{{wikivar|DEFAULTSORT|Kusanagi, Motoko}}

displays as:

{{DEFAULTSORT:Kusanagi, Motoko}}

See also

  • {{strong}} – for semantically indicating strong emphasis instead of simple typographical boldfacing
  • {{strongbad}} – same as {{strong}} but red like this: Never use {{strongbad}} in articles.
  • {{stronggood}} – same as {{strongbad}} but green like this: Only use {{stronggood}} on non-article pages.
  • {{em}} – similar template for semantically indicating mild emphasis instead of simple typographical italicization
  • {{var}} – same as {{varserif}} use for all variables (e.g. strIllustratePrefix), except for 'I' (upper-case i) and 'l' (lower-case L), for which use {{varserif}}
  • {{varserif}} – same as {{var}} but uses serif font (e.g. strIllustratePrefix), especially for distinguishing between 'I' (upper-case i) and 'l' (lower-case L) as variables
  • {{wikivar}} – for displaying wikicode variables and magicwords as they would appear in source code, e.g. {{PAGENAME}}, {{DEFAULTSORT:Lastname, Firstname}}
  • {{para}} – for displaying wiki template parameters (|title=) or parameters and values (|year=2008)
  • {{tlx}} and related – for displaying entire templates (with or without parameters and values) as code
  • {{tag}} – for using HTML elements ("tags") in prose (e.g. "When coding HTML <img>...</img> tags, always include ...")
  • {{code}} – for computer source code (e.g. "... always include the <syntaxhighlight lang="text" class="" id="" style="" inline="1">alt=</syntaxhighlight> parameter.") (Note: to nest other templates like {{var}} inside, use <code>...</code> instead of {{code}})
  • {{syntaxhighlight}} or {{sxhl}} – wrapper for <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight>, but will wrap overflowing text
  • {{deprecated code}} or {{dc}} – for deprecated source code in template documentation, articles on HTML specs, etc.
  • {{pre}} – for larger blocks of source code and other pre-formatted text
  • {{bq}} – for indented blocks of content, such as block quotations, examples, poems, etc.
  • {{kbd}} – for indicating user input
  • {{key press}} – for indicating the input of specific keystrokes, e.g. CtrlX
  • {{PlayStation key press}} – for indicating PS-style gamepad key presses, e.g. ×
  • {{samp}} – for example output

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