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Commune and village
Country Mali
RegionKidal Region
CercleTessalit Cercle
 • Total2,533
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

Tessalit is a city in Mali's Kidal Region. The town is both a Commune and the capital of Tessalit Cercle (district). As of 1998 the commune had a total population of 2,533.[1]

Tessalit is an oasis in the Sahara desert and a frequent stop for trans-Saharan travelers. A gypsum deposit and a plaster factory also contribute to the city's economy, though all of these activities have been disrupted in recent decades by the Tuareg Rebellion and terrorism in neighboring Algeria.

Tessalit is situated in the mountain range Adrar des Ifoghas at 1° 00' 54.08" East and 20° 12' 00.05" North. Tessalit is primarily populated by Tuaregs and is the home city of the musical group Tinariwen as well as the poet Souéloum Diagho. The city possesses an airstrip, but it is rarely used. Its twin city is Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France.

The cercle of Tessalit contains the communes of Tessalit, Terist, Abanco, Taghlit, Tadjnut, Telakak, Ubankort, Awil, Tadjodjamet, In Khalil.


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Coordinates: 20°15′N 0°59′E / 20.250°N 0.983°E / 20.250; 0.983

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