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Shaluwam.. For a further Overstanding of why I speak through the Frequency of Ra Khru nu Khemt, and emanate Heru Skhm, see My Lessons and Questions below addressing the various subjects that involve the condition of Our People. My Purpose is to break free each Black Mind from the Psychological chains still stronghold from the Ma'afa. My efforts are dedicated to the defense and reclamation of the history of Afu-Ra-Ka and the Minds of Our People, as it is imperative for Our up and coming Neteru and Alohyim to Know these Realities about Themselves. I directly attack various effective links of Our Psychological bondage, from the destruction of Blacks in the "bible" to My in-depth eisegeses of the european deliberateness of Black elimination through the use of monarch mind control and major pandemics. I look forward to building with each en[Light]ened Afu-Ra-Kanu/Afu-Rait-Kaitnut on the Frequency. Skhm nu Khem.. The Educator

Lesson 101- Population Control

Lesson 202- Decoding the Go-Spells [gospels]

Lesson 203- Decoding the Go-Spells [gospels]

Message To My People