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The Great Netjer Yaman [also spelled Amun, Amon, Amen] is one of the most important Netjeru in not only Khemetan spirituality, but throughout some of the earliest epochs of all Afu-Ra-Ka. He is depicted as the "Ram-Headed" Netjer in Netjer Medu, and also in the image of the Afu-Ra-Kan with the "Double-Plumed Feathers" atop His crown.

The Great Netjer Yaman.

As with all other Powers in the Shetaut Netjer, the concept of Yaman became a quintessential foundation from which all later religions and forms of spiritual guidance were to borrow.


Yaman is referred to as the Self, or the "hidden essence" of all things. He represents all that is un-manifest within existence.[1] His importance and concept is not mutually exclusive to the Living only; both things of matter (material) and spirit (Cosmic Consciousness) contained an un-manifest existence before solidified into manifestation. His symbolic association with the Ram signifies His emphasis on the qualities representative of that animal--virility, leadership and the astrological period as it relates to the Great Khemetan Year. When depicted as the Afu-Ra-Kan wearing the "Double-Plumed Feathers", He symbolizes that which is All-encompassing--non-dual--united into One being.

Monuments depicting Yaman as a Ram.

Symbolism in the Shetaut Netjer

Along with Ptah and Ra, Yaman completed what was known as the Neb-er-djer, or "Everything is Yaman-Ra-Ptah--the Sacred Trinity, All Things are Three in One". In The Hymns of Yaman, the Khemtnu described them as:

  • 33. He whose name is hidden is Yaman, Ra is seen as His Face, and the body is Ptah.
  • 34. Their cities are established on earth forever, Uwaset, Anu and Hwt-Ka-Ptah.

In Khemt, the Khemu designed Their Cities along The Nile River, or "Hapi", with the purpose to create a physical replica on Earth Mother representing the Manifestation of Spiritual Consciousness. Yaman, being "He who Is Hidden", represents that which is to be formed and understood from within the Human Consciousness. His existence means that throughout Life, there is always a deeper meaning to Our Purpose, even if it is not readily seen. The City established in His association was Uwaset.[2] [3]


  1. Another name for Yaman was Shetai, also meaning "The Hidden One". When referring to the unseen "essence" of all things, Yaman was referred to as Shet-Ba, or "The One whose Soul is Hidden".
  2. Uwaset was represented in the 'bible' as No Amon (Nakhawam/Nahum 3:8)
  3. Uwaset, the City of Yaman, was also later hellenized into "Thebes".


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