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-- This module implements Template:Purge.

local p = {}

local function makeUrlLink(url, display) return string.format('[%s %s]', url, display) end

function p._main(args) -- Make the URL local url do local title if then title = if not title then error(string.format( "'%s' is not a valid page name", ), 2) end else title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle() end if args.anchor then title.fragment = args.anchor end url = title:fullUrl{action = 'purge'} end

-- Make the display local display = mw.html.create('span') display :attr('title', 'Purge this page') :wikitext(args[1] or 'Purge') display = tostring(display)

-- Output the HTML local root = mw.html.create('span') root :addClass('noprint') :addClass('plainlinks') :addClass('purgelink') :wikitext(makeUrlLink(url, display))

return tostring(root) end

function p.main(frame) local args = frame:getParent().args return p._main(args) end

return p